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BombSquad v1.4.133 Apk Mod [Versão Pro / Unlocked]

Game Casual loucura para 8 Jogadores!

Exploda seus amigos (ou o computador) em um torneio de mini-games explosivos como Capture-a-bandeira, Hoquei-Bombardeio e o Épica-Morte-Em-Câmera-Lenta!


- Pro upgrade now unlocks custom team names and colors
- Pro upgrade now unlocks a full RGB color picker for characters
- Added a 'mute chat' option to completely ignore chat messages
- Fixed a longstanding issue where player selector could get stuck on screen
- Added 5 new flag icons: Iran, Poland, Argentina, Philippines, and Chile
- Increased quality on some models, textures, and audio
- Added Serbian translation
- See bombsquadgame.com for complete list of changes

Requer Android 4.1 ou Superior.